Sustainable Leadership Training & International Stakeholders Meeting | 19-21 September 2017

Cracow, Poland

Driving sustainable change through empowerment and qualification of individual leaders


  • ZNU

    The ZNU – Centre for Sustainable Leadership is an application-oriented research institute in the Faculty of Economics of the University of Witten/Herdecke. As a sustainability initiative between business and science, we are working with the sustainability leaders of today and tomorrow to make tangible improvements in sustainable corporate management through research, teaching, training and conferences.

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  • Bahlsen Group

    Bahlsen Group – The German family enterprise Bahlsen is an international sweet biscuit manufacturer with more than 125 years of experience. Bahlsen is the most successful manufacturer in this market in Germany and with the brands BAHLSEN and LEIBNIZ. Also throughout Europe, Bahlsen is one of the most successful sweet biscuit companies. Bahlsen has joined the initiative as partner and co-organiser of the upcoming events in Cracow.

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  • Dan Cake Polonia

    Dan Cake Polonia – is a part of the international group that operates production facilities in Denmark, Poland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Bangladesh. Since 1931 Dan Cake remains loyal to the best of traditional baking practices to give moments of sweet pleasure to our Customers all over the world. Innovative production technologies, strict safety and hygiene standards allow us to cooperate with leading retail chains across in Europe, Canada and the US.

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  • Fjol

    The consultancy company fjol GmbH was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of the ZNU – Centre for Sustainable Corporate Leadership. Fjol presents a unique combination of scientific excellence, practical experience and consultancy insights. Fjol offers its clients a wide spectrum of tailored solutions for sustainable business management, sustainability assessment, stakeholder engagement, strategy development, organisational development, carbon footprint, lifecycle analysis, certification and sustainability communication.

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Developing your leadership & innovation potential


Sustainable Leadership Training is a reputable qualification program for an international group of up to twenty decision makers, change leaders and individual managers from across multiple industries. The third day of the training is combined with the International Stakeholder Meeting, which is focused on the practical tools and partnerships towards improved business sustainability in Europe. The aim is to enable the attending stakeholders to better network, collaborate, initiate new projects and form partnerships.

The objectives of the Sustainable Leadership Training:
  • To develop the leadership and innovation capacity of the participants
  • To drive sustainable change in business
The objectives of International Stakeholder Meeting:
  • To initiate new projects and partnerships for improved business sustainability
  • To foster networking and collaboration  

Exchanging with and learning from other leaders in Europe

Content Overview

  1. 1
    Day 1 | 19 September 2017

    Foundations, tools & best case practices


    Part 1: Developing personal leadership capacity

  2. 2
    Day 2 | 20 September 2017


    Part 2: Putting the participants’ leadership potential into practice


    Working on practical change projects

  3. 3
    Day 3 | 21 September 2017

    Towards Improved Business Sustainability in Europe

    An exclusive opportunity for the training participants to join the International Stakeholder Meeting focused on practical tools and partnerships towards improved business sustainability in Europe.


Experiencing one of the most beautiful areas of Poland



  • Jadwiga Zurad

    Jadwiga Zurad is a leadership coach and a project manager at the ZNU – Centre for Sustainable  Leadership, and a senior business consultant at fjol GmbH. She has been trained as a professional coach by the CTI – Coaching Training Institute. As a sustainability professional she has been working internationally with multinational corporations, entrepreneurs and individual leaders for over 10 years now. She has designed, delivered and moderated numerous training programs and stakeholder processes worldwide. The key areas of Jadwiga Zurad’s expertise are: Coaching, Sustainable Leadership, Sustainable Business & Entrepreneurship, Organisational Learning, Change Management, Training Facilitation, Mindfulness and Systems Thinking

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  • Dr. Christian Geßner

    Dr. Christian Geßner is one of the managing leaders of the ZNU – Centre for Sustainable  Leadership (since 2009) and the consultancy company fjol GmbH that he founded together with Dr. Axel Kölle in 2011. He has been a renowned expert, manager and a trainer in the area of Sustainable Business, Strategy Development, Business Consultancy, as well as Research and Education at the Faculty of Economics of the Witten/Herdecke University for many years. The key areas of Dr. Geßner’s expertise are Sustainable Leadership, Sustainability Assessment and Reporting, Sustainability Strategies, Personal Development and Management Training.

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  • Kristin Buro

    Kristin Buro has been working at Bahlsen GmbH & Co. KG for over 10 years. She started her career as a Paralegal and afterwards studied Business Administration. Her sound knowledge and years of experience in Controlling, Organizational Development, Marketing and Sales, enable her to systematically approach and manage the Business Sustainability of Bahlsen. As Manager Corporate Development/Sustainability Kristin Buro is driving the international Sustainability agenda of the Bahlsen Group.

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  • Hans-Günter Trockels

    As a trained industrial management assistant and experienced industrial baker Hans-Günter Trockels started his career with Kuchenmeister in the early 1980´s. He took responsibility of the Export at Kuchenmeister. In 1995, Hans-Günter Trockels took over the management of the company. As Vice President of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Arnsberg and member of advisory board in various companies, Hans-Günter Trockels often acts as a source of ideas and innovation. His know-how in the field of robotic development has resulted in many new constructions at Kuchenmeister, which are also used in other companies. Hans-Günter Trockels is a member of the Advisory Board of the ZNU-Network of producers and retailers, for more sustainable corporare leadership in the food industry.

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  • Ewa Zamościńska

    Ewa Zamościńska works as a project manager, consultant and a business trainer at the CSRinfo, which is a renowned training and consultancy company, based in Warsaw, Poland. Mrs. Zamościńska is one of the most experienced experts in the area of CSR and sustainable development in Poland. She has been a project leader of numerous CSR initiatives and business projects with companies representing such industries like: the finance, FMCG, production, energy, HR, pharmaceutics, just to mention a few.

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  • Katarzyna Mróz

    Katarzyna Mróz is a project manager in the Responsible Business Forum, responsible for partnership programme management. Operating for more than 15 years and having the longest tradition, the Responsible Business Forum is the largest non-governmental organization in Poland and addresses the concept of corporate social responsibility in a comprehensive manner. As the CSR Coordinator in the one of the largest polish energy company she participated in the creation, communication and introduction of the CSR Strategy and in many projects in the csr area in this company. Later on, as the communication and CSR chief specialist she was responsible for the csr reporting, cooperation with the ethics proxy, responsible for the Respect index questionnaire, dialogue strategy according to AA 1000 standard.

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